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Tax Implications for Maternity Leave

As an employee with T4 income, there are many situations where you should thinking about tax preparation and what taxes you might owe for 2016.  If you have changes jobs several times in 2016, your employers took the correct taxes off for your salary level, but each...

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Payroll Source Deduction Are Coming To A Close

The 2016 tax year are coming to a close and the first major tax reporting in 2017 is T4 preparation, now is the time to balance your payroll source deductions.  You need to compare what you have paid to CRA against what your payroll system indicates.  There are many...

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How Does The Topic Taxes Make You Feel? Is The Thought Of Next Year Send You Into Panic Mode.

Mark Houghting owner of MSH Accounting gave a riveting speech about the intricacies of the accounting field.  As Mark started his presentation he shared with the group that as important as accounting is, it is a subject that small business and individuals are...

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