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An individual who has lived with celiac disease may only see the negative side to this disease.  However, we would like to walk down this mountain taking a different trail and perhaps adding a couple of positive thoughts to having celiac disease.

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Celiac Disease Revenue Canada Allowance

For some being diagnosed with celiac disease has been a blessing as they are now aware what they are suffering from, draining fatigue, depression, migraines, and so many other strange symptoms that their body fights now has a name and is not some unknown.

Having information is key, but true knowledge comes from taking action.  So, anyone who suffers from celiac disease would agree that taking action in changing their diet has definitely helped.  That key has opened the door to choosing foods that are gluten-free.  A gluten-free diet can relieve symptoms because the absence of gluten will eliminate the autoimmune response of the small intestine.

So, through this diet change, the life of a person with Celiac can become more enjoyable.  However, with this diet change comes a higher cost in their grocery bill.  But did you know Canada Revenue allows people diagnosed with Celiac to claim the incremental cost of gluten free products as a medical expense.  You need a letter from you medical professional confirming the disease and the need to be on a gluten-free diet.  Then you track your purchased, fortunately, there is now an app for that at  The app also connects to the CRA website for more information on claiming the medical expenses.

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