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MSH Accounting is a full service accounting practice in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is owned and operated by Mark Houghting CPA, CMA. Since obtaining his Certified Management Accountant designation through McGill University, Mark has been an integral part of the success of many small to medium size businesses.


Corporate Taxes

Source deductions, HST remittance, corporate filings

Personal Taxes

Income tax filing made easy and maximizing your personal return

Estate Planning & Taxes

Planning and Strategy

About Us

Since obtaining his Certified Management Accountant designation through McGill University, Mark has been an integral part of the success of many small to medium-sized businesses. One such business had grown from a modest office to the largest independently owned company in its field with an impressive network of dealers from coast to coast. Since then Mark has worked with several local start-ups by providing them with a solid accounting foundation that allows them to do what they do best knowing that their company’s structure will grow with them. Mark has also worked with existing companies to streamline their way of doing business, eliminate waste, increase productivity, and to keep costs down. Mark is licensed by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. His ability to work with individuals and companies with their own tax and planning needs is unique and is based on his ability to explain concepts in plain English.


Corporate Taxes

We help you navigate through an ever-changing tax landscape so you can focus on maximizing your company’s value. The intricacies of tax compliance are ever changing and the bar is constantly being moved. Our objective is to advise our clients on how to work within the current tax laws, providing the know-how to ensure you’re meeting the regulations while maximizing the return on your hard-earned dollars. With the knowledge and insight of over 20 years of Certified Management Accounting experience, we’re on your side; planning innovative strategies, creating practical, and customized solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective methods of reducing your corporate taxes. What is tax compliance peace of mind worth to you? No one needs to tell you how important your business is to you. You have to meet rising customer expectations, meet your responsibilities to your employees, while providing – and making time – for your family. But you’re also accountable to the Canada Revenue Agency. That’s why our corporate tax services are like having a virtual CFO for your small or medium sized business.  Our business tax services include:

  • • Source Deduction Remittance For Employees – EI/CPP/Income Tax and T4 preparation
  • • Provincial/Federal/Harmonized Sales Tax remittance – HST/GST/PST remittance
  • • Corporate year end filings and tax returns

No one wants to pay more than they have to, but you can’t cut corners with CRA. Keeping your business on track with CRA’s reporting requirements is good for your business, giving you peace of mind and time for the things that matter most to you. Contact us for a free consultation.


Personal Taxes

We help you maximize your personal income as your lifestyle, family dynamics, and tax profile change over time. Personal tax rates are much higher than corporate tax rates, that’s why proper tax planning is critical to your family. You want to ensure that all deductions and credits that are available to you are utilized to their full extent, minimizing your tax burden and maximizing your income. Did you know many Canadian couples file their personal income taxes separately? Maybe you’re one of them. If you are, you’re missing many deductions that you’re eligible to claim. Which means you’re missing out on significant tax refunds. We can help. As a Chartered Professional Accountant with years of helping couples just like you, we will determine your eligible tax deductions and prepare an income tax return that takes your whole income situation into account. Whether you have childcare expenses, collect supplementary income from an investment, or are paid as a contractor, each client has a unique income tax situation that we can approach knowledgeably and strategically. Whether you are entitled to a refund or have an amount owing to the CRA for your personal income tax, our financial expertise helps to put you on track. Contact us for a free consultation.


Estate Planning & Taxes

An estate plan is an essential part of any sound financial strategy. But an estate plan isn’t something many people like to think about. The truth is, avoiding the issue will only cause complications for your loved ones after you pass on. With an estimated $1 trillion expected to pass from the hands of one generation of Canadians to another over the next two decades, planning for this large financial shift should be a primary concern to the more than six million Canadians aged 55 and older. We’ll guide you through the creation of your estate plan, while addressing all the probate and tax implications. Throughout the process you will gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding estate planning, so you can make informed decisions about the future of your assets.

Estate Taxes

Did you know that if you’ve become the executor of an estate, you are personally responsible for any taxes still owed? We can help you through the process of filing:

  • • Final Returns, reflect the deemed disposition of the holdings of your loved one at time of death, and create the estate.
  • • Estate Returns, reflect the earnings in the estate and, depending on the Last Will and Testament, may continue for several years.
  • • Clearance Certificate, is issued by CRA at the end of the tax process and resolves the Executor from the estate’s tax liability.

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Address: 2451 St Joseph Blvd, Suite 203, Ottawa ON K1C 1E9 Email: Phone: (613) 824-7368

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